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If you've read the "About Us" page you wil know that over the preceeding decade and a half we've been involved in various activities.
This has resulted in us building up an assortment of various leftover bits and pieces, hence this area of the site where we are offering some items for clearance.

Items will be going up on an ad-hoc basis as and when we get time to do it, since this isn't really a massive priority for us!
There's not going to be a shopping cart or anything like that - if there's something you want then please email a shopping list to us and we'll say how much the total and postage etc is going to be.
Payment can be made via payPal or cheque.

Click on a link below to see available lines;

A few terms and conditions:-
Unless something is seriously miss-described then nothing is returnable.
Items such as semiconductors are not sold as tested, unless so described they are new, but may have been lurking around in a component draw for a while, we do observe all antistatic protection for devices, but one or two may have died!
Some of the semiconductor devices offered may be manufacturer discontinued - if you are hoping to use something you find on here in a commercial design and discover this fact later then its not our problem!

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