Online Threat Protection Services.

Infolink Electronic Systems Ltd supply a comprehensive range of protection services for small business networks and P.C. Internet connectivity protection.

Please note: We no longer directly supply end users with computer systems.

The range of network services we now supply broadly consists of the following;

Internet Hardening - Protecting your computers and data against attack.
  • Having any computer connected to the Internet these days is a dangerous thing to do if its not properly set up and configured.
    Any computer which is not "hardened" against malicious activity will be attacked and compromised, sometimes within minutes of being online.
    By compromised we mean the following could happen:-

    • You get a virus which your computer then sends to others.
      Each month thousands of new viruses are detected.

    • A hacker could establish a "backdoor" into your computer via a "Trojan" program allowing them free access to your computer, passwords and sensitive data.
      If this data includes things such as credit card numbers from your customers then you could be in serious trouble with the data protection agency and merchant service provider, it is your responsibility to ensure this data is kept safe. Or it could be your credit card number!

    • You could simply loose all the data on your hard drive.
      What effect on your business will this have?
      Many companies simply go bust.

    • Your computer could be used as a relay for other malicious activity.
      This could result in your Internet service provider disconnecting or restricting your account.
      This would mean no more web access, no more email, no more orders from customers.
      Your email and IP address could get blacklisted as a spam source, resulting in anyone using those blacklists being unable to receive your email, it would simply get marked as spam and destroyed.

    • Your network could be used to store illegal material.
      hackers love to find an open network with a large storage capacity. Your network could be used as a store for pornographic material (of all types).
      Should this happen your hard drives, also containing your data, could be removed by the police as evidence.

    • A "Drop-Dialler" could give you a nasty shock.
      Drop-diallers are programs which appear innocent and useful, in reality they disconnect you from the Internet and dial up somewhere else, often overseas, on an expensive premium rate number.
      There have been a number of examples in the news recently, with unsuspecting users being billed hundreds of pounds, which as far as your phone provider is concerned is a valid bill which has to be paid, since although unknowingly, you did make the call.

    • Protect your privacy online.
      We protect you from malign tracking objects and "bad" cookies, which you can unknowingly pick up from web sites which then track your Internet activity.

So what do Infolink do that protects you from these dangers?

  • Firstly remove any malicious programs or viruses that already exist on your computer.

  • Ensure that your computer is fully patched up to data with security releases from the manufacturer.

  • Ensure you have adequate anti-virus protection and this protection is automatically updated as new virus definition files are available.

  • Ensure if you have a wireless network that it cannot be accessed externally - 73% of wireless networks are wide open to anyone who wants to enter them!

  • Ensure you have a correctly configured, manageable, firewall program running, protecting you from external attacks, portscans, trojans and a wide variety of unsavoury people and programs.

  • Ensure you have adequate protection and defences against drop-diallers, tracking cookies, data miners and a myriad of other threats.

  • Advise and if required supply a comprehensive backup solution for your computers.
    This allows you to have backup copies of your programs and data, meaning in event of a problem that downtime is minimal.

  • If you wish we can establish a regular healthcheck visit for your computers and network, just to be on the safe side.

Which computers need to be protected?

The simple answer to this is all of them, regardless of age.

  • Viruses can come onto your computer or network either from the Internet, via CDROM's, via floppy drives, memory sticks or any other media that is capable of storing data.
    If you have a network of computers once one machine is compromised then they are all at risk, as data is shared between them the virus will travel and infect other users computers.

    The fact that a computer is new does not mean that it is not vulnerable, even the latest Windows XP as shipped requires something in excess of 80Mb of patches to be applied prior to the service pack being installed, then many more afterwards.

What training is given on using the software?

  • We aim to make the software we install for you as simple, automated and self updating in daily use as possible, we will instruct your staff as required of any actions they have to make to ensure the protection remains valid.

In what geographical area do you provide this service.

  • We are based in Stirchley in South West Birmingham, we cover the entire of South West Birmingham and nearby areas.

Who exactly are Infolink and why should I trust you?

  • Infolink are one of the longest established computer support and service companies in South West Birmingham.
    We have deliberately stayed small, not wanting to become a large faceless organisation where no one accepts ownership of a customers requirements or problems.
    Operating since 1990, we have a wide skillbase within the personal computer field, encompassing not only the computer but the peripherals such as printers, scanners and the like, from both a usage and maintenance point of view.
    Essentially we are engineers doing a good job, not salespersons just out for commissions!

How much does this cost?

  • This depends on what your requirements are and how many computers need to be worked on.
    We understand that businesses have to work within a budget and will quote you free of charge depending on your needs, we will then work within that budget.
    Part of the costs are for the software licenses for the various programs that will be installed, nothing will be installed without you agreement and understanding as to why it needs to be installed.
    We do not install any unlicensed or illegally obtained software and work within the licensing requirements of all provided software.

    As a general rule the cost will be the software costs plus our engineers time, billed at 25.00 per hour (minimum 2 hours) + VAT.

    For an "out of the box" new computer this generally will be 4 hours, including
    • Setting up the computer
    • Configuring it onto a network if required
    • Setting up the Internet connection and email addresses
    • Downloading and installing manufacturers operating system and application patches
    • Installing and configuring anti virus, firewall and other required software.
    • Training users and answering any questions they may have.

    For a machine that is already set up this may reduce, but the machine will also be given a "health check" to ensure that no problem areas already exist, this takes time.
    To minimise disruption to users we can attend your site outside normal opening hours if required.

How do I proceed from here?

Simply contact us for an informal chat or a site visit, we will provide a free quotation based around your needs.

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